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64 Fairview Avenue- Deer Park, NY 11729

Roses Day Care is located on the same street as the Olympic Diner, for further directions please call or email Rose.

Roses Day Care provides a safe and healthy environment for your child. Roses Day Care was established in 1992. Rose and her employees do everything they can to assure your child the best care they can get. Your child will be treated as if they are one of Roses and the employees own child. 

Roses Day Care is a completely smoke free environment. No one, at anytime, is to smoke on the property. Roses Day Care has central Air Conditioning as well as an emergency backup generator; Roses Day Care will never lose power or heat.

Roses Day Care is MAT certified, which is a special license to administer medication. 


There are locks on all cabinets and doors throughout the day care, assuring the younger children do not get hurt. The stairs in the home have are child protective gates to keep your child safe. The front and back doors are always kept locked.  

What if someone else tries to pick up my child?

If someone that Rose or the employees are unfamiliar with ex: grandparent or sibling comes by to pick up your child the day care will require identification from them. Anyone who tries to pick up your child must be authorized with Roses Day Care- prior to the pickup. If an unauthorized person comes to pick up your child and is not on the “pick up list” they will not be sent home with your child- under any circumstance. This is to assure your child gets home safely.

How often does the day care get cleaned?

Roses Day Care is constantly being cleaned. The day care gets cleaned thoroughly after each meal.  Before each meal the children are required to wash their hands.  The tables are sanitized after each meal.  The floors are mopped and vacuumed daily.

What about diaper changes?

After every diaper change the employees are required to wash their hands and sanitize the changing table.  Everytime your child is checked and changed throughout the day will be documented. The day care also takes note if the child urinated or had a bowel movement.

What about naptime, blankets, washcloths and bibs?

The children participate in nap time daily. Every child has their own mat to sleep on along with their own blanket, which is provided by Roses Day Care. Children that require bibs go through several bibs a day. Every time a bib is soiled it is changed. Bibs and washcloths are washed daily, blankets are washed weekly. Everything is washed with bleach, which ensures the utmost cleanliness of all products used for your child. 

What if my child has a food allergy?

Your child’s health is taken very seriously. If you child has a food allergy the day care will not serve that food to your child. Depending on the severity of the allergy the food will not be served or carried it in the Day Care at all.  Your child’s safety is Roses Day Cares first priority,which is taken very seriously.

Roses Day Care is a completely smoke free environment. No one is to smoke on our property at any given time, business hours or not.