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Roses Day Care follows a schedule of activities throughout the day. Everyday there are different activities for your child to participate in.  Roses Day Cares has a monthly calendar, where the “activity of the day” is located. The activities vary from: bring in a picture of yourself (a project will be made with it), make your own “monster toast”, hopscotch day, jump rope day, wear red day, etc. Roses Day Care feels this is a positive, fun, and educational thing for your child to participate in. Each day is something different and special for your child to look forward to.

Your child will be read to everyday. Your child will love participating and engaging in story time.  Roses Day Care has hundreds of children’s books that range from Winnie the Pooh, Doctor Seuss, and Disney books.

The day care familiarizes your child with numbers, letters, colors and much more. Roses Day Care begins to teach your child proper manners at an early age.

Your child will love to play with blocks, lego’s, toy cars, potato heads, etc. The day care loves to have circle time, which allows the children interact with each other. 

Rose's Day Care has hundreds of age appropriate toys for children of all ages. The toys get sanitized on a regular basis.


Roses Day Care does projects throughout the year, including special projects for the holidays such as: Mothers/Fathers day, Easter, Christmas/Hanukah, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. The children love it when they are able to bring something they made, by themselves, home to their parents; it shows a huge sense of accomplishment to them.