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Full time rate:

The full time rate is $60 a day. That covers 7am to 6pm and includes breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner.

Hourly rate: Is $10 an hour

I need day care just for the mornings- can someone put my child on the school bus? Does Roses Day Care offer this?
Yes, Roses Day Care offers before care for children. The before care rate is $50 per week. This is a flat weekly rate. Your child will be served breakfast. An employee at Roses Day Care will put your child on the bus, ensuring their safety waiting for the school bus.

I need day care for before and after school.

Before and after school care is $175 a week. This includes: breakfast before school, an employee will assist in helping your child on and off the bus, the employees will help your child with his/her homework, and your child will be served dinner.  This price remains the same for when school is not in session or closed for summer and school closings.

 All tuition is tax deductible.

All rates are subject to change*

*Some restrictions apply, for details contact Rose*